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How do we Collect and Analyse data?

Defining, implementing and optimising a digital customer journey requires data – a lot of data! Therefore we have built solutions for our clients, including, data from Google analytics, Google search console, Google adwords, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Salesforce, Marketo, bing ads and many otherS. Once the data is collected, it needs to be structured in order to build an informed assessment of it.

Data is not useful if it can’t  be understood. We help our clients make sense of the data they collect and “translate” it into in actionable KPIs.

How do we build intelligence and reports?

Once the data has been “translated” into understandable metrics and KPIs’ we will support you in creating the right Dashboards. Brandfinity will visualise your data, interpret your story for a full and comprehensive evaluation of your market position. Brandfinity help you to make effective marketing decisions.

We have more than 30 years experience in a diverse range of businesses, helping numerous companies to create their digital strategy and also helping them to grow their online business. See your data breath and let u deliver analysis with insights and clear recommendations to optimise your business.

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How do you use data analytics?

Without data, you will be blind to your customer journey. Business intelligence solutions, as well as Data marts and Data warehouses solutions, have become affordable nowadays. It is infinitely possible to build the right Data analytics solution to everyones needs and budget. Brandfinity does not have a preferred software solution provider and will therefore implement the best solution for you.“

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