Dashboard – all you need to know

Dashboard – dashboard meaning

A dashboard is a graphical interface that provides a consolidated view of important information related to a specific topic or business process. It can display real-time data and metrics and help users monitor key performance indicators, track progress toward goals, and make data-driven decisions.

Customised Dashboards – advantages and reasons for building one


In this post, Brandfinity describes 12 reasons why it’s a great idea to build custom dashboards.

A lot of managers spend hours gathering data from different sources.

Additionally, sometimes they spend a couple of days correcting the issues, fixing the bugs, and finding the consequence. A few of them mix the different reportings to calculate the work’s efficiency. Of course, they spent extra hours making it more or less beautiful and aligned with the company’s corporate guidelines to make it digestible and ready for sharing with collaborators from their or other departments. “It takes ages.”

Which tools do you usually use? Probably you are lucky and do it in one click. But still, we would like to know how you operate, work, and read your data. You may share it with us in one of our Linkedin posts about the dashboards. 

12 reasons to build custom dashboards:

We suggest you dive into the world of dashboards and discover more about this topic with us. It will give you an idea of the advantages of using custom dashboards compared to your current solution.

Building custom dashboards with Brandfinity could be a good idea for several reasons:

reason 1 – visualizing and analyzing data

Building custom dashboards with Brandfinity can be a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing data and help you make more right decisions about your business.

reason 2 – display only the relevant metrics

Customised dashboards allow companies to display only the data and metrics most relevant to their business. It also helps to focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) most important to the business owner/product owner rather than being overwhelmed by a large amount of data.

reason 3 – choose data sources 

Customised dashboards allow companies to choose the data sources (platforms) that are more relevant to their business and avoid the complication of unnecessary data sources and several reportings formats from different platforms.

reason 4 – visualise and display data in the most meaningful way

Customised dashboards allow companies to display data in a way that is most meaningful to them. Additionally, it’s a great way to make it brighter, like choosing the layout and colour scheme. Visualise the reporting types that best suit your needs and make them colourful, joyful, and branded. 

For building customised dashboards, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

reason 5 – live interaction

Customised dashboards allow managers to create interactive visualisations, and users can later easily share them with others. That option is beneficial for presenting data to stakeholders or decision-makers, as it can help to explain the consequence of data due to live interaction and make the data more engaging and easier to understand. Isn’t it great to present the data when everyone stays on the same page? 

Become a reporting champion with customised dashboards.

reason 6 – track changes and identify trends

Customised dashboards allow users to track changes in their data over time. This option can help identify trends and patterns and make informed decisions about their strategy or business.

reason 7 – updated automatically

Customised dashboards allow companies to have LIVE dashboards, which can be updated automatically daily or even every hour. Isn’t it great to stay tuned with your data?

reason 8 – show the efficiency

Customised dashboards showing the stakeholders the performance of paid campaigns, ROAS, ROI, and ROMI in the same reporting.

reason 9 – phygital data

Customised dashboards can even present Phygital data: the mix of digital data together with physical points of sale. It can even go further; for example, for the automotive industry, it can show you the data like vehicle registrations and sensors at the points of sale. Contact us to discover what we could do for your industry. 

reason 10 – add CRM and more

With customised dashboards, you can go further: to all existing data, you may also wish to add CRM, Marketing automation data, website, and ad platform data.

reason 11 – comply with rules

Customised dashboards can keep your data anonymous and comply with GDPR & LPD rules.

reason 12 – annual report in one click

Forget about hours of collecting the data. Customised dashboards can create your final or annual report with one click and be presented straight away in the best comprehensive, and most beautiful way. 

Save your time and energy for analysing and developing new topics. Do not postpone actions that can liberate you more free time for more advanced work.

Building custom dashboards with Brandfinity can be a powerful tool for your business that best suits your needs. Mix, visualise, analyse and present your data quickly and make more informed decisions about your business.

Contact us to build your custom dashboards.