Digital product launch

Laurastar IGGI, European launch

  • inbound marketing

  • performance marketing

  • live dashboards

  • search engine optimisation

Laurastar contacted Brandfinity at the end of 2019 with a view to launching a new handheld steamer in 2020.

Brandfinity used their expertise on behalf of Laurastar to build global Customer Journeys for Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom.

Brandfinity orchestrated the implementation of Inbound Marketing Journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

it also created along the customer journey  launch and conversion campaigns on Social Paid, Programmatic, Google Search and Shopping.

Brandfinity also defined an Organic Visibility strategy including Search Engine Optimisation recommendations as well as Social Media Keyword recommendations.

Brandfinity built Live Dashboards using Tableau, a Salesforce company.

Inbound Marketing

Brandfinity defined, in collaboration with Laurastar, a multi-touchpoint customer journey which included a series of e-mails to existing clients, Custom Audience Targeting to existing as well as anonymous clients.

To deliver potent Customer Journeys, Brandfinity built e-mails and journeys within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as well as Custom Audience from Salesforce Advertising Studio.

Performance Marketing

Brandfinity built a Funnel to create awareness, build interest and generate e-commerce sales for the IGGI launch. 

Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Shopping campaigns and, in partnership with Gamned, a Programmatic campaign were used to build a Funnel for 5 countries in three languages with a 6 figure budget.

A multiple of Custom Audience and Look-Alike Modelling tactics were used to maximise the ROI.

tableau marketing dashboard

SEO services

For the launch of the new product IGGI, Brandfinity provided SEO services covering two markets (France and Switzerland) and 4 languages. We provided a technical SEO audit , an analysis of the competition presence in paid and organic and a full Keyword research for the new product launch.

Brandfinity provided Keywords mapping and recommendations adapted to semantic environnements, seasonality and competitive set, for multiple channels, including social.

Live Dashboards

The Laurastar internal marketing team sought enhanced understanding on the performance of its marketing strategies. Brandfinity therefore helped define the Key Performance Indicators to track, designed mock-ups of Dashboards and implemented Live Dashboards on Tableau Software. Dashboards included Paid and Organic Performance metrics using as a data aggregator and Amazon as a data warehouse.