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Brandfinity will support you in your digital transformation. We have 18 years of expertise in digital marketing for B2B and premium brands. We focus on building, through technology, seamless personalised digital customer journeys while optimising your return on marketing investment (ROMI) through data analytics.


 Crafting stories, making them speak to your audience is what we excel at. Adding automation and analytics will make them resonate even more.


What if you could create unique customer journeys? What if you could make your future and existing clients feel unique? With Marketing automation we can create just that!


What if you could make your customer experience unique? Using Marketing automation will make it happen

What is a look a like audience?

Look a like audience in paid media will raise your campaigns performances        A look-a-like audience is a term used in digital advertising to describe a targeted group of consumers that are similar to your existing customers. While the two groups are...
marketing data analytics

marketing data analytics made simple

How to implement marketing data analytics without breaking the bank   We have been asked many times in the past on how to action data analytics and create web dashboards for multiple companies. Most of the time, there will be a need to report on web traffic,...

Creatives backed by data

Creatives optimisation - where data comes to play We have recently added creative capacities, capabilities and additional knowledge drivers to Brandfinity. We strongly believe that the success of any brand currently online depends not only on data driven intelligence...
attribution modeling

What is attribution modeling

Attribution modeling - a definition The way your website receives traffic has evolved over time, so did evolve the behavior of users, reason why you need to look at attribution modeling. The customer journeys have more and more touchpoint to the different...


My Executive Management is unanimous, the workshop content and organisation was top notch. We’ll pick up the pace in the next two years! Michael Bolt, CEO Hotela
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