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When alignment is essential to be successful with a digital transformation


Digital transformation is on almost every companies agenda.


With the fourth industrial revolution starting to seriously impact many industries and the consumer behaviour and expectations changing, many companies have to rethink how they plan to conduct their business in the next 10 years. 

This discussion has been on the agenda of Fortune 500 companies of this world for many years. The giants putting a strategy in place to transform their companies or to acquire innovations via venture funds and innovation programs. 

 But what about the SME companies of this world? Will they remain untouched by this tidal wave of change ? The response is probably not! 

We have had the chance to support a few larger SME companies in their strategy definition or implementation of their digital transformation programs, focusing on consumer behaviour and expectations changes and what that means for marketing, but also products / services  and sales organisations. 

Transforming your company to win in this fast-paced changing world, needs a complete re-think as to how one does business and equally how best it focuses on customer needs. This requires it to adapt its value proposition, its organisation, its processes, its products and service along with its culture. 

A company not having its executive management team aligned to a new defined vision, mission, purpose and strategy is set to fail in its digital transformation. The same way it will fail if “digital” is considered as the wonder that will make the company more successful. A transformation of a company requires top management attention and a shift of culture, it is hard work and often takes an entire company to re-think their strategy.

So before investing in technological solutions to start your digital transformation, take the time to reflect about the value it will bring to your customers or to your company and if it will most importantly  help your company and those within in, to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. 

 We have put in place a strategy definition framework, focusing on customers and their needs and expectation, which will help defining a Vision, a mission and a strategy  to structure a digital transformation process.

Our framework encompasses tools such as design thinking, Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean strategy, as well as works from Michael E. Porter  and references from Harvard Business Review 

So, before you start or look to continue your digital transformation, we are here and happy to start a conversation as to how we can help you or your company expand rapidly within this process.  let’s discuss!


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