Marketing Automation

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Landing pages

Create templates for your landing pages, change and update them as you require, embed easily a form into it, marketing automation solutions enables this easily.


Marketing automation solutions can help you personalise your website content to raise your conversion rates. Why not create different content and visuals per visitor’s origin or stage in your funnel?

Lead scoring

Marketing automation solutions will create lead grading and scoring, that will allow a company to focus on its most promising prospects, in an automated way.


One of the functionality of a marketing automation solution is automating e-mails, based on segments , behaviours or specific triggers.
The incremental revenue and efficiency potential when a company decides to implement in a marketing automation solution is significant.  We will help you replace manual processes with automations, we will enable a personalised journey for your potential and existing customers and we will help you enhance your digital customer journey. Your prospects to clients conversion rates will grow massively, so will your client satisfaction !

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Contact management

Here is an example of Mautic contact management interface. Mautic will allow you to synchronise any newly generated or existing contacts to and from your CRM solution.

Website tracking

With an automation solutions, we will help you track your website visitors if they are still anonymous or if they are your clients already. Thanks to advanced technologies you will be able to segment your audience based on its behaviour, interest, channel and geography.


Imagine being able to personalise the messages and the contents on e-mails, websites pages, forms based on criteria you have defined in advance in your marketing solution! It will allow you to be relevant and get the attention that your business needs!

Template builder

With the marketing automation solution we will implement for you we will also create templates for your e-mails, forms and personalisations on your website. You will be able to run your campaigns autonomously, or we will do it for you !


We are an official reseller of Mautic, a leading marketing automation solution. We implement Mautic for companies needing a full fledged automation solution.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We have been certifying ourselves on the Salesforce platform so that we can counsel and also implement solutions for clients which have requirements where Salesforce makes sense as a platform


We are part of the activecampaign reseller program. Activecampaign is a light automation solution for companies who are looking for a possibly light contact management and automation solution.

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