Building exceptional digital customer journeys.


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Brandfinity believe that durable client success is achieved through unique customer experiences and positive perceptions by exploiting exceptional creative narrative and data in parallel, creating customer centricity.


At Brandfinity we believe in extraordinary images, cinematic dexterity, editing massaged to perfection with a concise structure holding a brand message at its core.


Through the implementation of an automated digital customer journey, we will create a seamless, customer centric journey.


Using all possible data points in the customer journey, we will define KPI’s and build dashboards to visualize them, delivering a solution for our customers to optimize their ROMI.

Our team

 Made of senior experts in their respective fields, our team has created, built, crafted, delivered and managed many of the best marketing campaigns in this world, and still having fun at starting it all over again!

Yves-Alain Schwaar

Yves-Alain Schwaar

Co founder

Evgeniya Schwaar

Evgeniya Schwaar

Co Founder

Hermione Hennessy

Hermione Hennessy

Strategy & Entertainment consultant

Kevin Hewitt

Kevin Hewitt

Film & Creative Director

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