Are marketing automation tools expensive?

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Well, it actually depends on what you name “expensive”. Marketing automation tools will help you priorise your pipeline and let you focus on the relevant opportunities for your business, reducing therefore your cost per acquisition.

Marketing automation will allow you to automate interactions with early stage leads for example, enabling you to qualify your leads before you handle them directly with a personal contact.

You will also be able to understand better your acquisition channels, gain an overview of which channel does generate business for you at the lowest cost, or what is the right channel mix.

A marketing automation tool is a complementary solution to a CRM, it will synchronise with it in realtime and give you a full 360 degree visibility of your prospects and clients behaviours online, on e-mails, will connect also to their social profile, making you understand better your prospects and clients.

Looking into other critical elements of a Marketing Automation Solution you will find an open API most of the time. the API (advanced programmatic interface) makes it easier for you to add a lot of customer experiences for your prospects / clients. You can automatically import all the contacts generated on your linkedin & facebook lead forms, let your clients book appointments into any agenda, register to a webinar, sign-up for an event, you can send them reminder SMS, add personalisation to your websites and send the data to your database for reporting. These capabilities make a marketing automation solution the centerpiece of your customer journey orchestration. 

A marketing automation will prove very profitable because it does help you raise your conversion rate from traffic generated to prospects, as well as help you raise your conversion rate from prospects to clients. It is very frequent that you can easily grow your traffic to lead conversion rate by 10-20% and your prospect to clients conversion rates by at least 10%. Looking at these figures, a marketing automation solution is a very valuable investment !

Marketing automation tools are mostly priced by number of contacts , eventually users and volume of data exchanged.

Here is an overview of potential price schemes:

Every solution has its own added value and functionalities. Therefore best you contact us and explain us your needs so we could help you implement the right solution for your business.

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