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Digital marketing agency Brandfinity was founded in 2014 and since then has developed into a full 360 degree agency, providing customised, exceptional and advanced customer journeys. By this we mean that we deploy marketing technologies to measure and deliver both digital and physical customer touchpoint experiences. We use outstanding visual creatives as a means of capturing attention and data to optimise touchpoint efficiency and raise the return on marketing investment. We conduct market research and benchmarking analysis to develop with our customers an overall go-to-market strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Brandfinity services
Brandfinity services

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digital marketing agency?

If you are looking to launch a product or service or grow your company top line, digital channels will be essential for your success. We can help you define the right digital marketing mix for your purposes, carry out website optimisations, and launch social media or paid media campaigns. We measure and optimise results taking both digital and physical touchpoints into consideration.

We define and build your customer journey on the basis of a thorough analysis of your prospects, customer personas, and purchase journeys. We then define objectives, KPIs and determine the right marketing technology stack for you. We customise and automate processes, organise contact lists or audiences into segments, and track the incoming channels of communication. For these purposes, we use tools such as CRM, marketing automation, customer engagement platforms, business intelligence solutions, and others.

The most important element is, of course, data analysis because with this tool we can understand and optimise marketing investments and journeys and achieve better performance.

Brandfinity has established a reputation as an advanced digital marketing agency because we understand needs, we are ahead of the trends, and we use the latest technologies to bring our customers to a higher level of digital literacy.


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