Video Production

Creative concept

All potential client personas demand a unique and thrilling visual platform which represents an object, service or lifestyle they want. Highly creative, idiographic and provocative are the Brandfinity ideals forcreating an effective allure in order to provoke an initial client response.


Once we have grasped the essence of your brand and agreed on your objectives, we will develop an advertising concept which will resonate with your brand essence and trigger the behaviours expected from the targeted traffic. 

Video production

We have developed successful advertising work, which captures the uniqueness of, say, Guinness, Shell, COI, DFS, Superdrug and Depeche Mode, Big Audio Dynamite, New Order, The Clash, Quincy Jones . We will produce long or short form product which meets all creative and brand identity objectives.

Editing & production

We can provide you with different formats and duration  for todays platforms – from Social Media to Television via out of home.

Our creative path


We believe that while no creative ambitions are the same, they share a common intention – an effective avenue to a targeted audience.  

Brandfity is committed to delivering extraordinary images, cinematic dexterity, editing massaged to perfection, with a concise structure holding the brand message at its core. Through micro and macro brand  analysis, we can achieve the most sensitive interpretation of how goods play to consumers in communication and brand presence. 

We have developed an approach, over decades of successful advertising work, which captures the uniqueness of, say, Guinness, Shell, COI, DFS, Superdrug and Depeche Mode, Big Audio Dynamite, New Order, The Clash, Quincy Jones and then directs the essence of that individuality to meet targeted consumers’ hopes.

So, because no creative, client or consumer hopes are the same, Brandfinity works with clients to find a creative voice which everyone hears. And then delivers communications that are effective, unique and thrilling. Ambition made reality.



We have produced many award winning commercials for the FMCG, Fashion, Education and Media industries. Mores showreels of documentaries and music videos can be found on our youtube channel

Digital customer journey

We are a boutique agency focused on creating an exceptional 360 degree customer experiences for premium, B2B brands and start-ups. We empower our client’s ambition to achieve success through the careful use of the latest marketing technologies  in order  to generate brand awareness, drive client’s acquisition and retentions, while leveraging Data and Business Intelligence to maximise Return on Marketing Investment ( ROMI).

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We follow the latest trends in Marketing technology, customer journey mapping and data analytics.

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