What is Buyer Persona and how to find it?

Buyer persona – it is the definition of your preferred customer. We even can say, this is your Ideal buyer persona. By Ideal we mean this is the customer who often visit your website and buy your product or services. Sometimes sales guys may think they know them better as they are working with them directly. Therefore they can create wrong stereotype and miss some opportunities they could have.

Why it can happen?

Here is you can find easy explanation. With the fast developing world there are technologies which are growing and improving very fast as well. Therefore you always need to catch up here. Because your buyer can come from different channels. And this is an important part to know your buyer persona well.

How do we do brand and buyer persona research services?


Marketing technologies made a great evolution. Therefore now you can do almost the magic. First of all we collect data from different resources and make a deep research. After that we analyse all gathered data and structure it. Furthermore we present our findings to you (to client) and show the look of the person. This look is approximate but it’ sufficient enough to orient well whom you need to target.

Our research shows whether it’s woman or man. What age, what country does he/she leave. Which languages does she/he speak. What are his/her interests. What  kind of job he/she has. Her/his industry, active hours and even much more…

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