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Why do you need a SEO consultant service?

Wether you plan to build a new website or you have already launched one – you still need the help from a SEO consultant. I recommend you not to underestimate the value of a SEO consultant as he/she can bring up a lot of findings and recommendations and help you grow your website traffic.

By mistake a lot of people still think that SEO consultant suggest just the keywords for your text.

Actually it’s not true.

For example, our SEO consultant performs analysis of your website, then structures the results into pluses and minuses. Furthermore shows you the gaps and errors for improvement. After you may choose (if you need) to find your buyer persona. As per my opinion – it is necessary to do so, because it will help you to define the right tone / voice on the website or for your marketing campaigns.

After that a consultant will analyse your content for different stages, trends and authority, how does this content correspond to your buyer persona needs. Only after that the consultant will review the keywords and compare them, create a keywords mapAnd only after such a deep research the expert will share with you all findings and recommendations.

How SEO expert present website audit findings to the company?

Before any job starts,  Brandfinity experts will discuss with your company the goals and what you want to achieve. Then, as described above, do a full website audit. When all information have been gathered we will present results to your company. Do you think it may be difficult to understand such coomplex topic? Actually we prefer to provide you with all findings in a clear format for all stakeholders. So, no worry!

We can also organise a meeting and make a presentation. Our expert will make sure all elements are clear for all departments to follow up. (If you are a small size business or a startup, don’t worry as we will give you a hand on it. Read more about offers for startups and small size business or just contact us). After your company has received all instructions for improvement in written you will be able to dispatch the tasks to the different teams responsible for the implementation.

How SEO specialist can support the company after implementation?

It is important to see the results and track the success metrics from time to time based on your needs. Our SEO specialist can provide you such a service as well. We will send you monthly reports for discussed metrics, let you know about the status and results and support you with additional recommendations.

Make sure your website performs well, contact us for an SEO audit.

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