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 Automating the marketing process greatly simplifies the daily management routine of any company. Today we’re going to share with you about how we helped NCAcademy to simplify the communication process with prospective and current students.

About NCAcademy:

NCAcademy is an educational institution that offers distance learning to applicants who wish to obtain a”brevet federal” in Switzerland in the following disciplines: HR specialist, Specialist in Team Management, Technical-Managerial Specialist and Assistant in Personnel Management. We would like to note that the training is hold in French, and is available on any electronic device (computer, smartphone or tablet).

The advantage of such training is that the student can choose his own pace and convenient time for training. It is also important to note that Swiss Confederation will reimburses NCA students 50% of their tuition fees. For more information about NCAcademy, please visit the website



  • installation of marketing automation
  • creating the algorithm and flow

Collaboration and Solution:

To facilitate the customer interaction and experience processes, Brandfinity created and installed a marketing automation solution and an algorithm that is directly connected to the logic of sending the emails, brochures automatically according to the student’s choice.  Additionally it also sends the notifications to the management of the company about the sales department’s progress.

In its turn, the sales department can automatically track changes in the status of the leads in their sales pipeline, automatically organise and streamline the database. Track the progress of daily tasks and even participate in scheduled online consultations.

Thanks to marketing automation, students receive immediate responses to inquiries and related training information. This facilitates the prospective student nurturing process.

The pluses for management in using marketing automation are obvious: the implementation of internal corporate standards, improvement of the quality of correspondence, and optimisation of response time. 

As a result, sales and management save the time on routine processes by entrusting this work to marketing automation and controlling the process in the system. It also allows management to focus their attention on more global tasks and significantly improve team performance and contribute to success of the company as a whole.

We thank Michael Ngoy for the trust put in Brandfinity and the beneficial collaboration.