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Case Study

Brandfinity worked with a pension fund company toward advancing their customer journey digitalisation.

Personas and customer journey mapping

The pension fund company started the digital transformation process and focused on business process re-engineering – mainly internally . Brandfinity supported the Executive Management of the Company to assess their own web presence and that of their competitors. Brandfinity also formulated a combined journey evolving their customer journeys and how to leverage a digital presence moving forward.


Project summary

Brandfinity delivered a deep dive into Organic and paid activities of our clients most direct competition,  prepared and conducted a one day Workshop with the Executive Management to initiate a Customer Journey transformation.

The Strategy

The CEO of the Pension fund company Hotela wanted to start a Digital transformation journey with its Executive Management. We proposed an approach where we would in one day workshop showcase best practices of the industry, look at the actual state of the digital presence for the Pension Fund and use design thinking approaches to define:

  • Existing and future clients personas
  • Map existing and future customer journeys
  • Work on the positioning of the pension fund offering in the future
  • Map the next steps of the transformation journey


My Executive Management is unanimous, the workshop content and organisation was top notch. We’ll pick up the pace in the next two years!   Michael Bolt, CEO Hotela

Next steps

We are currently examining priorities and project structure AND will soon establish our next phase of the strategy with Hotela.


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