Laurastar case Study

We supported for Laurastar the conception of the marketing automation scenarios to be implemented

Customer journey automation mapping

When approaching us, laurastar was looking for help within their large project to replace their e-commerce platform, CRM, Analytics, support center as well as build a marketing automation solution (Salesforce suite). Brandfinity accompanied them along their marketing automation journey.

Project summary

Review the suppliers offers to integrate the solution in the company, as well as validate the project and timeline at high level. Following that, supporting the marketing automation map definition for their online & offline pre and purchase journey for their B2C client.

The Strategy


We helped our client to make sure the implementation logic for the Salesforce solution was set-up in a way that would enable a 360 degree customer journey tracking, base of implementation of a full customer journey personalisation and automation.


The job

We delivered a customer flow mapping, highlighting all the different possible interactions on the websites or offline on the POS, and defined per step the segmentation , triggers, automation logic, automation output, as well as a brief to the content to be generated.


Next steps

The client will implement the recommendations and brandfinity will support the test & learn approach of the improvements to be done over time.

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