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Award winning video production

We created with different video shootings a large video asset that we translated in different video productions for a Premium Hospitality Education Provider

High end video production

The Premium Education provider needed to upscale its video production quality to resonate with its premium audience, get a higher level of engagement and tell a great transformation story for its prospective students and parents. We produced with very tight budget a large bank of video assets and produced commercials for video advertising and social campaigns, corporate videos and an award winning video for a best hospitality school competition. 

Project summary

We did four video shootings in 3 different locations to cover with video footage all the different stages of a student journey, resulting in 45 hours of footage. The video footage was produced based on the clients brief. The editing and post production was made partially inhouse, with our film director training a staff to be able to edit further productions in the future, respecting the style defined in the first productions. 

The Strategy


With a very tight budget, we needed to maximize the output vs. the available resources. In this case we created a footage based on a generic brief, knowing which were the key conversion elements on a prospective student  journey and what were the key elements to convert a student. 

Once this footage available, we crafted video productions speaking to the different audiences and adapting to the different platforms and formats used for distribution ( instagram ads, facebook ads, programmatic video) 


The job

Our client had at the end 45 hours of footage to produce further videos, a few video commercials variations, one corporate video and one video produced for an award competition, which made our client win that year. 


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