Marketing technology


Your business success is based on having smart goals – strategy, marketing technology solutions and resources. Discover more about our services.


You need to collect customer data, drive your sales team and monitor your pipeline ? let’s speak CRM integration.  We will discuss with you your business model, define target audiences and carve a personalised CRM implementation strategy for you.

Marketing automation

If you want to create a unique personalised customer experience and automate your marketing tasks, you will need a marketing automation solution. We are official partner of two of the best solutions in the market and will help you make the right choice.

Media buying

We will help you use the right cloud technology to suit your paid media strategy. Depending on the volume, the investment, the markets, the number of products / services you will want to promote different solutions will serve different purposes.

Business intelligence

Digital advertising can be optimized in realtime. We have helped manage massive campaigns, as well as very targeted ones. We will help you define the right KPI’s and implement the right reporting solution for your needs.

Why do you need to use marketing technologies?

Using usual technologies like web analytics and traditional paid media tools no longer provides sufficient traction in the current very competitive digital world. To be successful online you will require a marketing technology stack to help you understand your online presence, personalise customer journeys and automate your marketing engine.

We will help you to put it in place and make sure you can track and optimise your customer interactions from the first viewing of a banner through to repeat sales and all possible touchpoints.

There are many technologies around which we can help you implement/find the right partner. We will support you in the customer journey definition and map them into your systems so that you can create exceptional customer journey for your prospects and clients.

Since we are experienced in driving campaigns for luxury brands & investment products which convert over a longer period of time we are able to use our experience with marketing technology to recognise the contribution of different channels and maximise ROI,

Targeting and optimisation through data is the name of the game on these long term conversion configurations.

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