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Monetising a brand requires an audience. Creating an audience requires substantial social media presence.  Establishing strong social media engagement requires extraordinary content. Achieving this requires the proven strategic tenacity of Brandfinity. 

social media strategy

defining a strategy

Building a strategy for your social media presence goes through different stages from goal definition to platform to content to engagement and finally monetisation. We analyse your presence vs your benchmark helping to position social media in your overall digital strategy and crystalising objectives.

social media strategy

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building a community

From social media metrics to prioritisation of your channels and defining and growing your core audience, is a challenge. As platforms increasingly give priority to paid advertising we will build a plan creating engagement for your published content while growing your follower base by using smart outreach tactics.  Understanding the mechanics of paid social media enables us to manoeuvre the social landscape, creating faster and sustainable community growth.

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“Whether a spiritual teacher or a premium appliance producer with an online outlet, converting your audience into buyers is essential. We have helped global brands unravel the complexities of social media marketing.”

Yves-Alain Schwaar

co founder

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