second level of

Support – Project Coordination

  • 2d level of support in 3 languages
  • support portal configuration
  • ticketing  & FAQ system set up
  • user manual creation

Second Level of Support for Soignez-Moi: Distributing the Swiss COVID-19 Vaccine. 

Along with the rest of the world, The Swiss Confederation found itself confronted with the unprecedented challenge of vaccinating the entire Swiss Nation against COVID-19. and OneDoc, two private, digital companies, active within our Healthcare Industry, were tasked by The Swiss Confederation to set up all online bookings, manage the agendas and issue certificates for successful COVID-19 vaccinations, for 19 of the 26 Cantons constituting Switzerland. 

Thus far, each Canton has been responsible for independently managing their very own vaccine distribution programme and appointment systems; Soignez-Moi, as a result, set up 19 individual and specialised websites, designed to support the specific needs of each Canton’s policies. 

Brandfinity was subsequently invited to support this vital project by organising the coordination between the Cantons and Soignez-moi. Therefore, providing an all-important ‘second level’ of support. To achieve this, we initiated and configured a support portal with Freshdesk, which included a ticketing system and FAQs, we also created User Manuals to assist the various parties involved.

Our ability liaise with the Canton Administrations and Soignez-Moi’s technical team in 3 languages, greatly contributed to the success of this project, which (may we proudly add) – was built from the ‘ground up’ and fully operational within less than two months!

Yves-Alain Schwaar, co founder