Films That Function with Data

  • commercials
  • artist management
  • production

Hermione Hennessy Ross and Kevin Hewitt are the creative team providing the spine of exceptional experience within Brandfinity.

We have advanced the profile of brands from massive global campaigns to small start-ups. We have worked successfully with iconic talents, unsung hopefuls and navigated the return to celebrity of lapsed superstars. We have been familiar names in the heaviest of heavyweight ad agencies and record companies but have willingly helped the next new thing. We have travelled the world to sustain an exemplary creative record.

We have won the top awards across all media channels. And we’re always looking to hone our skills in the light of new creative challenges.

Now, we have originated an unprecedented creative approach via the Brandfinity concept of Advanced Creative Data.

Like everyone else, we shoot an agreed script at an agreed budget. But, we also shoot – because experience has taught us this works – nuanced versions of every script. This allows Brandfinity to refine each commercial/content/brand communication and platform in response to data feedback. No one else does this.

We do because, uniquely, we always have.