what we create

on screen branding

40 years of producing commercials for a potent range of global brands has equipped us with the ability to provide high end, cost-competitive commercials and advertorials. We collaborate with you to produce a ‘dust to data’ output.

  • 40 years of production

  • global brand experience

  • creative collaboration

film production

After all these years … we’re still passionate about Production. Having shot vast amounts of film over many years, the exceptional expertise gathered by us has never made us complacent about our medium. We believe that the heart of the Lumière Brothers Cinematograph is still relevant and that the creative possibilities offered by MITs Autonomous Drones and Algorithmic Editing are stunning tools but not solutions. We also understand how to interface creative and data with the fundamental practicalities of marketing a brand. Progressive creative and data under one visionary roof.

  • passionate about production

  • past harnessed by the present

  • one visionary roof

our productions

how we work

Firstly, we are a data and creatively led company. This means that we make films that play most effectively across all channels – paid media, social media, native advertising, etc.

Secondly, we craft films traditionally with a huge level of expertise and passion. We do this with as many or few people as each project requires. No financial fat and no compromises.

Finally, we genuinely care about our product. It’s inherent in who we are and what brought us together. At Brandfinity, although we specialise individually, we ultimately function as a team to produce Advanced Digital Narratives.

  • data and creative led company

  • master crafted films

  • advanced digital narratives

data analytics
data analytics

how our creative services work for you

We are creatively candid.

We have to believe in a project to take the brief. We have to believe in a brand to be able to sell it. And we have to believe in a concept to be able to shoot it. And of course we believe honesty and authenticity always lead to better work.

We will work our socks off for what we believe in. We’ll consult with you frankly and for as long as it takes for you to believe that we have the right solution for your marketing needs. We will explain, demonstrate, make presentations, produce scripts and storyboards and involve you in as much or as little of the film production process as you want to be involved in. We work together for you.

creative brand management

Hermione is the marketing voice of Brandfinity. While this powerhouse of communications strategy is marketing on our behalf, she’s also marketing for you.

Her own career as an artist notwithstanding, Hermione’s credentials also cover artistic consultant, communicator, mentor and successful company director. She remains a highly respected figure within the media industry due, in no small measure, to her multifold virtuosity. 

Few commercial environments are more challenging than the music industry. With over 30 years artist management experience, Brandfinity understands maximising profile because, quite simply, we’ve had significant success at launching and maintaining bands and brand equity.

With an enviable contact list interfaced with our unrivalled data expertise, Brandfinity adds targeted creative messaging to a pre-designated community.      

We will apply the creative outreach of nominated multi-media platforms and data driven penetrative advertising to your brand. Brandfinity creatively converts concepts to sales.