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We are an international Digital Marketing Agency.

At Brandfinity, we pride ourselves on our international presence, operating across  Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France.

Brandfinity’s Awards

At Brandfinity we’re proud to have been nominated and won an award for our ‘Online Marketing and Business Efficiency’ from Swiss Competition ‘Le Meilleur du Web’.

We’ve also proudly supported many premium brands and high profile clients, including the likes of Laurastar, for whom we launched an omni-channel campaign, in 5 different countries, in 3 languages. We also mapped out and created a strong Customer Journey, managed Paid Media activities (Google search, Google shopping), oversaw Instagram and Facebook paid activations and Programmatic with a partner company. We also carried out a solid SEO Audit for Laurastar and conducted Keyword Research; Brandfinity also suggested SEO recommendations, completed a Client Persona Analysis, prepared the SEO Strategy and made recommendations for Content (Website, Social Media posts) based on keyword research and tech recommendations, to support Website and Social Media Optimisation. We also created customised Dashboards.

You can view our Laurastar case study here.

digital marketing company
What‘s the difference?

Digital marketing vs Marketing

What’s the better investment for your business? Which style provides greater value and results? Who wins?

We explore the comparison of Digital Marketing vs Marketing in our latest blog. Read more about the different strengths between Digital Marketing vs ‘Traditional’ Marketing methods.

All roads go to

digital marketing agency

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a proficient Business without a digital marketing agency or digital Marketing Team in place.
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Brandfinity’s team

An international and multicultural team…

We are proud to carry deep rooted values and pride ourselves on diversity, celebrating our international and multicultural approach as a team. 

Our Digital Marketing agency has a great team. It consists of quality professionals, based in different areas of expertise. Our team are well known for their outstanding accomplishments, who have supported many high profile clients throughout their careers. We’re happy to support our clients in their project management and adapt to finding ways that work around you. 

Our teams are located in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France. We provide a ‘5 star’ user experience. Our language translations even extend to several languages – English, French, German and Russian to make international communication a little bit easier for our clients and team to understand each other. 

Get in touch with a member of Brandfinity’s team to find out more about us and how we can help you. 

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Digital marketing company

Our 360 marketing approach, makes Brandfinity a well-rounded Digital Marketing Agency, allowing us to accommodate all of your Digital Marketing needs. Not only do we consider the digital touch points, but we also understand the importance of measuring the success and performance across offline channels too.

Thus, allowing us to achieve a diverse 360 degree lens across our work to see the fuller picture of how to best support your businesses practices. 

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