Evgeniya Schwaar

As co-founder and co-owner with Yves-Alain Schwaar, Evgeniya has played a leading role in the growth and development of Brandfinity since they founded the company in 2014. Responsive and direct, analytical and creative, she is an innovator and a driving force in the Brandfinity team.

Evgeniya heads Brandfinitys business administration and digital marketing and has over 10 years’ experience in these fields.

Her responsibilities involve:

  • co-managing the company;
  • preparing the company’s sales and marketing plan;
  • raising Brandfinity’s profile on social media and its overall presence, including in the paid media;
  • positioning and ranking Brandfinity online, SEO;
  • supporting client businesses in their digital marketing development;
  • evaluating platforms;
  • preparing the e-newsletters for Brandfinity’s subscribers;
  • defining website architecture;
  • managing the content for Brandfinity’s website;
  • analysing the performance of the company’s digital activities;
  • helping clients define strategy and providing adept actionable plans, guides and recommendations based on auditing, market research, industry benchmarking and other analyses.


A big part of her work involves developing and supporting new business ideas.

She is currently in charge of marketing the launch of a new app for managing contact data on mobile phones using smart QR contact touch technology and presenting the data in the form of an organisation chart. The app, which was produced by Reto Kunz and developers ASDev, is to be marketed under the name of Contact Mind. For this project she worked on the business model, carried out the competition analyses and keyword research, optimised content for the app store. She defined its brand identity: its style and look, including the visuals and logo design and created the website. She is also responsible for raising awareness of ContactMind through promoting it online.

 In 2015, she successfully created the BeamMeHome concept with Yves-Alain Schwaar and herself developed this e-commerce project with her City-Map products.

BeamMeHome began as a concept for starting up an e-commerce enterprise, incorporating market analysis, business finance and administration, product design, product prototypes and testing factory production. It also involved raising product awareness via the design, creation and management of an e-commerce website and content optimisation. As part of her growth strategy for BeamMeHome she created and managed SM channels, took charge of SEO, paid-media advertising campaigns, and launched surveys and crowdfunding. She also explored physical spaces by arranging promotional pop-up stores.

 Evgeniya also plays an important part in Brandfinity’s collaboration with partners.  

Brandfinity works well-known brands in Switzerland such as Hotela, Laurastar, Triumph Motorcycles Switzerland, the School of Management of Fribourg (HEG-FR), the Belvoirpark school of hotel management in Zurich and the Hotel Management School Geneva (EHG). For these projects her responsibilities included:

  • SEO auditing, market research, surveys and benchmarking analysis;
  • monitoring Google trends and seasonality;
  • analysing competitor presence and online performance;
  • auditing and keyword research;
  • offering strategy and technical recommendations;
  • developing SM ideas for a media plan;
  • providing guidance for resellers on positioning and improving visibility on Google Maps;
  • creating ads and online events; and

 Karen Ruimy is one of the company’s earlier clients. As a part of developing the strategy for Ruimy’s music, fashion and brand affairs, she carried out a number of research projects, made SEO recommendations, implemented SEO for selected topics, and provided administrative support for the internal ticketing database.

 Together with Yves-Alain and Hotelconsulta she launched Addfinity, a concept to assist restaurant owners create websites in order to raise the visibility of their businesses and make their webpages more appealing and enjoyable to discover.

 For Gulf Air, she created customised gifts for the airline’s corporate clients in Russia (gift example here).

 Her work experience also extends to advancing the digital presence of small enterprises through various digital marketing solutions. For example, she has created websites for several medical professionals in the fields of surgery, psychology and cosmetics to advance their digital presence.

 In a more personal capacity, in 2020, she launched the hand-made fashion accessories website, Une-Coquette. 

Her career path and vision

Before starting up Brandfinity with Yves-Alain, Evgeniya worked for Singapore Airlines from 2006 to 2014 where she was given the opportunity to work in the area of digital marketing – an area still in its infancy at the time. Her highly productive working experience with Singapore Airlines was instrumental in her decision to pursue digital marketing in her professional career.

 She holds a BA (Hons) degree in marketing and a BA in pedagogy. She subsequently deepened her knowledge of digital technology and business management through a range of online study programmes in entrepreneurship, SEO, social media and marketing automation. She continues to build up her knowledge and improve her skills. Her motto is: “It is never too late to expand your knowledge and skills. Learning brings light into your personal and professional development.”

 She is a creative force, eager to discover new ideas and technologies, test theories and, ultimately, learn more. She loves a challenge both for herself and her team and understands that adversity can bring a team together to produce amazing results and drive development. She has a flair for connecting with others, prioritises a fair give-and-take approach and is at her best when organising projects. Her focus on detail in everything she undertakes ensures gratifying feedback and long-term partnerships with clients.

 Evgeniya is always interested in meeting new people and committing to new projects and their success!

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