Unified Events & Conversions Management for Education

Brandfinity continues to support institutions and proposes establishing uniform standards for higher education institutions in digital marketing analytics.

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Why does Brandfinity suggest a template with a unified standard for education?

Key reasons for the standardisation within the education sector are:

● Brandfinity has vast experience in the Education vertical since 2014
● Helps in transferability / smooth handover of accounts
● Suggest best practices
● Explained in an easy way
● Required quick configurations
 Suggest support if requested
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Of course, tracking strategies may vary depending on institutions’ needs and circumstances, but common elements are often shared among them.

Downloading this free guide

Downloading this guide allows you to access a simple, structured, step-by-step guide for configuring events and conversions in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), adapted for education.

Additionally, we will cover all these topics supported with visual elements for easy implementation:


  • Sharing Events & Parameters Across Tags
  • Scenario with ten academic programs
  • Solutions for Tracking the Events for Education
  • Tips – How to reduce the number of EVENTS in GA (without worrying about hitting conversion limits)
  • Which Parameters to Use
  • Algorithm – Which model to choose
  • Types of Conversions
  • 3 Models to choose from
  • TAG Sheet
  • FAQ

Get a bonus

On top of clear and concise guidance for quick and efficient event configuration, you will receive a Tag Plan, specially created for Education.

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