SmartRetailExpo 2022 – phygital customer journey

what is phygital?


Smart Retail expo – phygital product pilot for a 360 degree view and engagement of the customer journey

At the Smart Retail Expo 2022 (conference in London), Yves-Alain Schwaar presented a pilot solution to deliver an omnichannel and 360 degree approach to the digital customer journey.

As consumer behaviour changes and the digital and physical worlds merge, customers expect to have a consistent experience with a brand, regardless of the communication channel.

The technologies to deliver differentiated digital customer journeys exist (marketing technologies such as CRM / marketing automation / web analytics, etc) but physical touch points are a black mark for marketers. However, to effectively measure ROI, it is important to be able to measure physical touch points in order to deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels.


phygital customer journey solution

Brandfinity has built a cloud-based solution that does two things:

1. Measure the flow of visits in the points of sale anonymously through a technology based on the WIFI connection of mobile phones (with the kind collaboration of Swisscom’s Data team)

2. Create a software development kit (SDK) to be inserted into an existing mobile application, which will connect to a cloud-based computing solution to measure which person is in the store and where they are moving (provided the person has agreed to share their data)

Thanks to these two layers of data, our solution saves this data in the cloud, creates intelligence and makes this data available via an API to be able to measure the number of people in the points of sale, but also to know which person has been there, and to create promotions in the points of sale with instant messages on the mobile applications.

In the video taken live at the conference, you can learn more about this solution that enables marketers to implement a phygital strategy.

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