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Top 5 digital marketing strategies we

would recommend in 2022 for educational institutions.


    In the last few years a change in the education industry has been observed. A rise in the use of blended and online learning strategies during the pandemic, has changed drastically the dynamic of this industry.

    When the time comes to plan for next year, it is always good to mix tried and tested marketing strategies with new innovative ideas.

    At Brandfinity, we recommend these top 5 digital marketing tactics in 2022.

    1. Use the voice of your students to expand your reach and grow your engagements for your institution.

    Credibility, community, tone of voice and visuals are key elements in being successful on social media. Why not teach courses on social etiquette skills, personal branding and social media best practices to your students? As part of the course, let them practice these key skills with their own social media accounts and provide target content about your institutions as practice material? Once you are happy with their progress within the tonality and the visuals of their social media posts, why dont you let them takeover your social accounts for a few weeks? Everyone will learn new things on this journey and as your community and engagement grows, so your enrolment figures will too.

    1. Personalize content

    Whilst you nurture your future students, you will want to approach them using content that encourages them to move from spectator interest to tangible students. You can contact them by using marketing automation and nurture their interest via email, online advertising, and messaging. By using this tactic, your conversion rates will grow and your recruitment figures too.

    1. Capture contact details as soon as possible

    Letting prospective students download your brochure or application forms without getting their contact information is a missed opportunity. Every future student investigates different schools. If you do not have the contact information of that person you cannot nurture their interest, help them understand your value proposition, or see if they need financial support through a scholarship. Structure your website and social media owned pages in a way that facilitates contact information collection. After that task is completed, you can nurture your future students and personalize their content along the conversion path.

    1. Test new advertisement platforms

    Tiktok and snapchat are the current social media platforms for young audiences… and soon they will be at the age to study. We recommend that you put a budget aside to create the appropriate content and run advertisements on these platforms too. If you make sure  that you build a reasonably good organic presence there, it will add credibility to your audience.

    1. Visualize your data

    As you progress throughout the year you will want to measure how your marketing plan is working and share the progress with your management and teams. Creating dashboards is key to visualizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These dashboards will allow you to have an overall view of the performance of your marketing activities, to interpret data faster, to save loads of time on tedious reporting and will increase visibility of your activities by your management…. And get more budget.


    We would be happy to discuss these tactics with you.

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