Meet Didier

Me in five words: people, passion, innovation, values and commitment

Hello, my name is Didier. I am a business development expert with over 15 years of B2C and B2B experience in distribution, new channel development and sales management for multinationals and SMEs. I have had the chance to work for companies active in sectors such as sport, consumer goods, design and architecture, and to set up new businesses from scratch. As an entrepreneur in spirit with an agile mind, I quickly grasp clients’ needs and situations with a view to finding optimal solutions.

Curious and passionate by nature, I am naturally attracted to innovation, whether from a technological perspective or in terms of strategic and operational approaches. I look at things differently by taking a step back, seeing beyond the framework of my clients’ concepts – through the other end of the spyglass.

My role at Brandfinity is above all to listen to our partners, understand their problems and needs, and offer them tailor-made and pragmatic solutions, while accompanying them throughout their projects.

In short, Brandfinity offers digital solutions and I take care of the human aspect. Because let’s not forget: digitalisation is a great tool that is constantly evolving thanks to increasingly powerful software. But behind every idea, project or decision there are people whose role in the digital world is at least as important as software.