Is now the time to build your CDP?

CDP – Customer Data Platform

You’re probably familiar with the current ‘War’ on Data Ownership and Data Sharing policies that Apple and Facebook have currently engaged in. 

Tighter data privacy regulations are limiting the ways in which platforms can collect and use huge amounts of Customer Data. This therefore, limits their capacity to offer advertisers a precise audience targeting metric, impacting overall performance as a result. 

It would be risky to determine your businesses marketing budget based on your advertising platform’s capabilities, or third party data acquired to enhance your campaigns performance. In doing so, you are putting your business at the mercy of third parties – Their limitations, become your limitations.  

Every CDP platform gives you their very own interpretation of your campaigns performance. However, you will not be able to have an overview of the overlaps, or over exposure of your audiences to your messages or multiple touchpoints prior to conversion, which may skew results. 

If you want to master your Marketing Performance, or own your Customer Data and understand the unique customer paths to conversion, then it’s within your businesses best interests to build and implement your own Customer Data Platform. 

There are many digital solutions in the market – Solutions that will give you the first level of CPD control at lower costs. Platforms like

Activecampaign, will track your visitors, maintain the campaign source, manage lead scoring, enable custom audience build and more. 

Where as will collect data from your Paid Media sources and normalise it. This then allows you to generate insights on your advertisements, from there you can step into incorporating a more complex attribution model and Customer Data Platform like, or

But, before you begin thinking about an immediate solution, we’d advise you to take the time to clearly define your goals. What do you want to track? How much data do you have available in each specific platform? – Data such as Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, CRM and more. 

At Brandfinity, we’re here to support you in defining your needs for Marketing Performance. We can help you to implement your very own cost efficient and effective Customer Data Platform to take your businesses success and growth into your own hands. 

Drive the change – Stop reacting and start leading. 


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