Digital Marketing vs Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing… But What‘s the difference?

All roads lead to DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCIES… Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a proficient business without a solid Marketing Team, or Digital Marketing Team in place. 

Today we’re focusing on the answering what’s better? – Digital Marketing or Marketing… What‘s the difference and what’s more beneficial to your business? 

Marketing is crucial to your business efforts, as it allows you to conduct valuable research and develop interest amongst your audience, as well as boosting the visibility of your brands activities. So let’s dive into our discussion and compare Digital Marketing vs Marketing… What’s better to invest in? 

Traditional Marketing efforts allow your team to establish communication methods internally as a business and externally, with users outside of your business. Marketing also includes analysis of communication activities, which would also allow you to build on your current efforts, with tact and reliable data. 

‘Old school’ or ‘Traditional’ Marketing is established and has a formula that works. From engaging talks, to exciting television advertisements or glossy visually appealing leaflets, posters or flyers, even articles in popular industry magazines and more. It’s a far reaching means of communication and connection, but it seems this style of marketing in our modern world is starting to lose the power it once held. Times aren’t the same as they once were, as users have more say over the content they chose to consume and therefore, the power dynamics have shifted. 

Industry prices have increased thanks to inflation and an influx of competitor marketing services that utilising the internet in this tech savvy era. Traditional Marketing tactics as a result, can be seen as the more expensive alternative, considering that it can produce ‘less efficient’ results in comparison to newer Digital Marketing efforts – We therefore give Digital Marketing 1: vs Marketing: 0 in terms of effectiveness and influence. 

Let’s compare the value of both styles of Marketing as investments – Measuring the time spent vs the results or ROI (Return on Investment). The success of the results, will depend on what is set as KPI’s or Goals, which will determine what is measured to record success. If the aim is an increase in brand awareness, the focus may be on the amount of engagement or ‘reactions’ gained from the target audience as a result of the digital or print campaign. 

Should the goal be to improve the reputation of your business or brand as a result of Marketing activities, then it may be more beneficial to look at the nature of the ‘feedback’ (comments, responses etc.) from the campaign. We would advise filtering through comments with a ‘grain of salt’ however. Be mindful of how the feedback is interpreted, as great feedback doesn’t necessarily mean a productive campaign in terms of financial gain and boosting brand awareness. 

In addition to this, there are many tools available to assist you in measuring KPIs within Digital Marketing. Many tools allow you to monitor results, analyse data and set up easily accessible dashboards, as well as the use of additional features to support the creation of simplified reports. This is extremely valuable within Digital Marketing activities when analysing and reporting the success of a campaign or recent activities to your team, to determine what is working and what could be improved. This establishes the best way to encourage future growth and success. 

Automation isn’t for everyone, it’s simple, but far from easy. If you decide that automated Digital Marketing services are not beneficial to your team, but still require support with your Digital Marketing efforts, we can help you. 

At Brandfinity, we curate customised reports for your team, analyse the data output and provide you with expert, valuable feedback and recommendations for your best course of action moving forward. We will also handle the implementation and ongoing succession of steps required to action your tailored Digital Marketing Strategy. 

What’s likely to gain the best results for your business? Is it investing in an advert in a magazine? In doing so, how many people will see your ad? From this selection of people, how many new clients will you now gain? – How accurate and effective is your method of reaching your targeted audience? 

Marketing traditionally spent plenty of time directly contacting people in person – Manually reaching out to a selection of people and pushing word-of-mouth marketing tactics. This is time consuming, and accumulates to a lot of daily hard work. The benefits of this method however, is a personal approach, but does that outweigh the expensive financial drawbacks? 

A personal approaches matter to clients, the experience is both valued and remembered, which is very important for creating strong client relations and loyalty – an integral part of every business. People still appreciate a personal approach, even physical contact in some instances. As we know, the ‘5 senses’ are crucial to all Marketing Elements. 

The ‘5 senses’ in marketing consist of the following… Visual, in the form of TV advertisements, billboards and more, Kinaesthetic (Paper materials promoting touch and feeling); Sounds, for example the Radio and even smells. Product Placements within TV ads or cinematic films have also been shown to have great ROI. There’s many alternatives of Marketing that reaps it’s own benefits too! Digital Marketing conceptualises this to focus predominantly on the senses appealing to Visual and Hearing elements.  

So, to continue our analysis, we give Digital Marketing: 1 vs Traditional Marketing: 1 – A draw, as there’s value in keeping marketing efforts personal, although this can still be achieved through online activity. 

There’s no doubt that appealing to the ‘5 senses’ within marketing is vital, however it’s also important to remember that times are moving, and the period we are in now; The way in which society consumes marketing materials is different. It’s important that with the changing times, we also transition from traditional Marketing techniques to newer, next generational approaches towards online content; which has its own rhythm, popularities and rules. 

The standard for Digital Marketing in these times are simple. Everything works faster and more efficiently, with clearer, more coherent visuals. No one spends as much time reading lengthy, long-winded paragraphs, as the preferred way of consumption is ‘easily digestible’ text, also known as ‘ready to go content’… Digital Marketing provides this. 

Time constraints and an abundance of competitor content overwhelming digital users, mean that it’s vital for Digital Marketing Agencies automate daily marketing routines and compact the right messages to the right audience, on the right digital platforms, strategising to reach users at the times they are actively online and ready to consume. We call this the ‘Smart Approach’ as it allows greater efficiency in the time spent marketing and digesting content online. Therefore, making it Digital Marketing: 2 vs Marketing: 1. 

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to regulate and automate this process to be as efficient and as accurate as it possible saves time and limits errors. We then utilise this information and results to analyse the data output and influence stronger and more reliable strategies in the future. 

No one has yet cancelled the use of the ‘5 senses’, we have simply developed its implementation, to create more appealing advertisements in a digital format instead. So, to review our discussion of what’s more valuable for your business and come to a conclusion for Digital Marketing vs Marketing? The winner is surely Digital Marketing. 

The evolution of tech in this digital era caters for a more direct and successful approach in Marketing, which shows greater benefit and value for investing capital in your businesses marketing efforts. It saves your team time that can be better used elsewhere, provides accurate results and overall is the more cost-effective option. 

Go digital with us, and feel the expert, yet personal approach of Brandfinity. Find out about services at Brandfinity

Find out about services at Brandfinity