How to implement marketing data analytics without breaking the bank

We have been asked many times in the past about how to action data analytics and create web dashboards for multiple companies. Most of the time, there will be a need to report on web traffic, social media performance, paid media performance, search engine optimisation, cost per click, cost per lead, costs per opportunity, cost per acquisition.

This request requires the blending of data from multiple sources like:

Google analytics

google search console

Facebook insights

Instagram insights

youtube insights

Twitter data

Facebook ads

Google ads

Linkedin ads

twitter ads

amazon ads

and logically data from your CRM like salesforce, your ecommerce solution or your marketing automation solution to be able to reconcile your costs with your sales

This task might seem daunting, with a blending of data from all these sources, saving them in one place and then visualizing them into dashboards.

If you had asked us how much it would cost to find a solution to this around 7 years ago, we we would have given you a figure around 100’000 CHF!

Today there are solutions in the market which will make it more bearable for your organisation to run such dashboards, the costs being mainly now in the requirement and definition of the KPIs, the visualisation of these and the insights generation out of these dashboards.

You can use  Tableau software  or  Google Data Studio to visualize your data in dashboards, Google Data Studio being free and Tableau having a minimal monthly fee.

You can connect to most of the data sources mentioned above with Supermetrics  allowing you to pull all key metrics of your paid media campaigns into both visualisation tools.

If you need to pull data from your preferred Salesforce, you can do it thanks to a google sheet addon, and then blend the data in Tableau or Google Data Studio.

With all these data connected and blended into dashboards, you can showcase your performance to the management and optimise your ROMI, without having to spend weeks on excel sheets reconciling all information.

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