Creatives optimisation – where data comes to play

We have recently added creative capacities, capabilities and additional knowledge drivers to Brandfinity. We strongly believe that the success of any brand currently online depends not only on data driven intelligence but also about the simplicity of the message.

Building customer’s digital journeys without a strong communication concept, a catchy headline, powerful visuals and a call to action is for sure, a waste of money. And we don’t want our clients to waste any money. 

Building strong concepts and speaking to the heart of our clients audiences, is what we strive to reach everyday. We believe this is achievable thanks to our very experienced and committed team, the amount we love our work and a network of amazingly creative minds who have the capacity to make everything look and appear easy to achieve.

Kevin Hewitt and Hermione Hennessy Ross have joined BRANDFINITY to bring their expertise in creative direction, art direction, filmmaking, music, entertainment, fashion, style, strategy and branding vision.

Brandfinity is ultimately a company who believe in data and measurement to reach success and grow the ROMI of their clients.

As an example, we would like you to look at both visuals below which we used recently to run a Whitepaper promotion campaign. Which creative do you believe would work better for a marketeer target audience on a b2b social media platform? Would you say the picture on the left with the yellow background, or the picture with the pink background on the right ?

Thanks to the testing of different variations of ads, we tripled the click-through rate of our campaign and lowered consequently the cost per leads.  In the example above, the ad with the yellow background performed three times better than the one with the pink background.

We believe in tech driven intelligence and we come from a place of straightforwardness.The moral of this story is, that it is best not to just trust your gut when it comes to visuals of a campaign. Better to use testing capabilities of all digital marketing technologies to optimize your ROMI. Brandfinity are here for you!