Sales funnel optimisation is key to your success!

You are certainly creating campaigns to build awareness or direct response on your digital assets, maybe even a lot of money! Why would you spend so much money on acquiring traffic, if you do not invest to convert it into buyers and actively manage sales funnel optimisation?

Many industries have a longer funnel conversion time, by that I mean that people take a longer period to purchase a product or a service. Their customer journeys go through multiple steps and touch points, making the client acquisition possibly costy.

I see so many campaigns in industries like education, automotive, luxury, banking, B2B which take a lot of effort and budget to create awareness and drive people to websites and landing pages, but who do not have an integrated strategy to bring people through the door and sell the products.

So why would you stop investing money from the moment you created a lead when you can nurture your prospects throughout the funnel ? If you do your job correctly, your cost of acquisition will reduce by at least 10% as you will optimise your engagements with prospects along your funnel.

A few examples of tactics you could and should use:

  1. First of all, if you did not define yet your sales funnel stages, take the time to do so and to map it in a CRM system
  2. if you have a marketing automation solution, you need to build everything within
  3. create a nurturing stream of engaging and contextually appropriate content for each stage. You can use it in newsletters, e-mail, sales teams follow-ups,  website personalizations, paid media advertising, sms, automated calls, etc.
  4. create a nurturing flow of e-mails and follow-ups from your sales teams based on your prospects behaviors, stages in the funnel, personalize them where you can. This will keep your audience engaged but also inform you on the chances to convert existing prospects (engagement level being a good sign of conversion ratios)
  5. create custom audiences on Facebook, Instagram, programmatic advertising platforms to keep yourself top of minds with your leads ( and please exclude them from the lead acquisition campaigns !)
  6. Empower your sales teams with recommended follow-up e-mails, contextual content
  7. Create user based content personalization on your website (driven by marketing automation) to make sure your prospects get the information they need at the stage where they are in the funnel
  8. Set-up a key performance indicators ( KPI) framework to measure all your activities, create dashboards to be your daily morning reads
  9. test, measure, optimize everything, all the time!

If you want to discuss how to better manage your sales funnel with the use of CRM and marketing automation, we will be happy to start a conversation!