why is marketing automation key in the CRO conversion rate optimisation

CRO or conversion rate optimisation is used to define what are the tactics to optimize the conversion rages on the different stages of your sales funnel so you get better results out of the same investments. In this post we will present a few ideas on how to use marketing automation  for your conversion rates optimisation tactics.

The table at the end of the blog post summarize the metrics discussed in the blog post.

CRO from visits to leads

In our base scenario, we have a cost per click (visit) of CHF 2.- and a conversion rate from visits to leads of 4%.  To drive this cost per lead, different campaigns are running on paid search, youtube, paid social and we assume that the CPC -(cost per click) is at CHF 2.-  , bringing a cost per lead to a price of CHF 50.-  How could you use marketing automation functionalities here to reduce your cost per lead?  One of the option will be to optimize your landing pages with for example testing scenarios (a/b testing) and let the marketing automation solution optimize the content and visuals to get the best conversion rate. Another one would be to create custom audiences with your existing leads and/or clients and use lookalike tactics on google adwords, facebook & Instagram. You can create automated custom audiences creation in a lot of marketing automations solutions like Marketo, Mautic, Salesforce to push these audiences to ad platforms. at Brandfinity we have worked out for clients up 200% growth of conversion rates, but here we will keep the scenario with a 20%  CRO, from 4% to 5% (see table).

Once we have created leads, it is also vital to maximize the conversion rates from leads to clients. This part of the funnel is mostly a mix of offline and online activities, but here we will look at online conversion rate optimisation tactics.

CRO from leads to customers

With marketing automation you will be able to address more than the classical e-mail channel to get results and convert your leads to clients.

One of the tactics will be to use again custom audiences push into Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and adwords. If you do not get engagement on your e-mails, you will be able to try reach your audience via targeted ads campaigns thanks to these specific custom audiences.  Another tactic will be to use website personalisation blocks to trigger the action you wanted to get. With website personalisation you will let the marketing automation solution trigger the content and display specific content based on your visitors profile. You also can create campaigns via e-mail with different messaging, depending on the engagement level of your lead.  The marvel of Marketing automation is that you will not need to do all that manually, but you will set it up once and let the machine run all on automatic. By addressing your leads on the different platforms, with a contextual relevant message, personalized on top, your conversion rate will easily grow by 20%.

As a summary, looking at the optimized scenario hereunder you will see that with the same investment to generate leads for your brand, you will get 4 clients instead of 2.5 thanks to a marketing automation solution.  These kind of metrics will very easily justify the investments into a marketing automation solution and the resources to manage it.

If you think of looking further into this topic, get in touch with us and we will be very happy to have a chat !

Metrics Base Optimized
CPC 2 2
Visits 1250 1250
CVR 4% 5%
Leads 50 62,5
CPL 50 40
CVR 5% 6%
Clients 2,5 4
CPA 1000 667