Why test facebook attribution solution

I recently came across the facebook attribution solution and thought that would be interesting to share a few thoughts with you. As you know Facebook attribution is a platform which will allow you to measure with different attribution models your conversions. But it only works as far as you have defined them in your business account within Facebook. Maybe you are familiar with Facebook advertising you will know that you can measure specific website conversions  like forms, leads, sales, Facebook specific actions you want your user to do or also set-up what is called offline conversions.

The Facebook attribution solution will tell you which campaigns on Facebook or Instagram have contributed to a conversion. Than You can add further channels manually to run your whole attribution model within Facebook and that is definitely a great feature!  Why would you do this? You will certainly ask me :). Well, who else than facebook will be able to track cross device activities. If you are a marketeer I am sure you spend quite a bit of money on facebook already and finally, it is free !

Being Data-driven to take decisions and define your best mix of marketing spend, but also see which other channels contribute the most to your results is a must for any marketeer today. So if you do not have the money to look at paying solutions, this solution is worth a test drive for you !

We will test it ourselves in the next weeks and tell you what we learned of it and what are the limitations and pitfalls.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at what we offer in the area of Data analytics and dashboard solutions, we can help you make sense of your data and set-up the right reporting structures for you.