What does indexing of pages mean?

According to Google Search console glossary, term “pages Indexed by Google” means that “Googlebot crawled, analysed content and stored it in the Google index results”. These results you can find in Google Search Console.

A bit of history for top devices…

Looking in the past while using your analytic tools you could easily find results for top devices. It means that the graphs show the most popular devices which sents traffic to your website. Without doubts all graphs before had approximately the same picture. They showed the “device – leader” which was the Desktop and after followed by Tablet and only after by Mobile.

Certainly you can explain this significant Desktop leadership by difference in the user experience. On Desktop you had big images, all areas fit the screen, you could click, connect, attach, pay etc only from the desktop.

A bit later to expand business potential everyone started to think about having mobile versions, given the very high adoption and use of mobile devices. That happened as we saw appearing in the market first (well functional) smartphones. So at that time website owners faced some technical issues like “How to match website content to the small mobile screens”. “How better to design mobile version”. “How to name it”?

As a result you may see that everyone has landed to a mobile friendly version by building websites in a responsive design.

Is your website enabled for mobile first indexing?

Seeing this constant growth of mobile device usage, the graphs for TOP devices have dramatically changed as well.

All mobile devices became so SMART that you may create almost magic using modern technologies just with one click. Therefore it gives enormous authority and power to your Mobile device and creates a “valley” of possibilities for the users.

As you know Google always improve their search algorithm, and thus it came to comparison, functionality and user experience of Desktop and Mobile.

Now it’s more important to know how your Mobile version is performing, against your desktop version. Because almost all users have moved on Mobile and use it more often than a Desktop.

If you see that your website has been enabled for mobile first indexing, it means the crawler will use the mobile version first for indexing and ranking it.

What does AMP stand for ?

In the era of Mobile first you need to engage your users on mobile devices.

You should reach and provide them with responsive design, fast loading web pages and much more.

Slow loading content is one of the first reason to loose the clients.

The Research shows that the drop off from the website can happen even after first 3 sec of waiting time.

Probably it’s the real time for the proverb here “time is  money”.

But look,  now your time is measured in seconds! So you need to really hurry up. And this is one of your success factors which reflects on the ranking as well.

Well, what to do?

And here we go, AMP project arrived.

AMP is an open source  developed with the aim of enhancing user experience on mobile. The term AMP means Accelerated Mobile pages. Within this project you can create web pages which are compelling, fast loading and very smooth for visitors.

Also for the the website owners it’s a good and easy product to use.  It is compatible with different CMSs and supported by all browsers.

By using AMP you can significantly increase your KPI and keep your clients happy.

You may wish to know more about AMP project in google Search.

Tips you may find useful:

  • build mobile version first
  • make your content readable
  • think of loading speed
  • create great user experience
  • make links clickable
  • check easy use with fingers
  • enable telephone dialing
  • implement responsive design
  • stay tuned with best practices
  • pick up great results

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