Need to launch a survey? Test your idea, service or products.

There are different ways  to do surveys. You can make it off-line and online. With the fast developing world you need to adapt to customer’s pace and find out the answers your are looking for. That’s why it is good to create a survey and test your ideas. To understand how effective it is and what is your customer opinion.

Survey – Beammehome example

But  for example with Beammehome we decided to make an electronic form – survey. Therefore this Survey was created online, adapting to all customer needs (for their project

Beammehome wanted to know which design of shoes can bring them success. So that they could focus in manufacturing the right style before they produce and place them on the website. As you may know they had few prototypes of sneakers with city maps and with unusual travel related prints. Therefore it’s good as they could offer a visual choice in survey for the audience to” judge”.

Another question was important for our client, if the city name of a map makes a difference for clients or it depends more on colour of the shoes. How customer choose and what convince them to buy a product. Is there any difference between location, sex and age in choice if yes than which.

After launching the survey, our client got the detailed report with all participants’ answers. That helped the company better to understand their needs and their audience preferences.

They suggested everyone to fill out the form for free and as a result of lucky-drawer gave a present to one of them. The winner could order the sneakers of their choice. Beammehome choose the winner randomly. The post was  shared in Social media.  And brought a lot of interest  from the followers.

Due to privacy policy we can’t provide you their reports with answers, but we can create a personal survey for you, just contact us 

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See here the random choice results we made in Instagram for Beammehome

If you wish to see the catalogue of shoes with city maps you may find it at beammehome catalog of shoes.