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Kevin Hewitt

Kevin Hewitt

A passionate and inspiring storyteller

Kevin Hewitt has been passionate about film-making from an early age, initially projecting film loops onto his bedroom ceiling. With over 40 years experience, he remains an in-demand film director. Kevin has found an approach over decades of successful advertising work which takes the uniqueness of say Guinness, Shell, COI, DFS, Superdrug and Depeche Mode, Big Audio Dynamite, New Order, The Clash, Quincy Jones and elaborates the voice of that individuality to consumers hopes. 

Kevin Hewitt has been passionate about film-making from an early age, initially projecting film loops onto his bedroom ceiling. With over 40 years experience, he remains an in-demand film director.

At 17 his schoolboy zest for music culminated in jamming with Peter Green and supporting Thunderclap Newman during their massive ‘Something in The Air’ period. 

As an art student, Kevin studied first under Andy Hoogenboom (Leicester),  Edward Middleditch (Norwich), Chelsea (for a week) Roger Law, Posy Simmonds and Piers Jessop (Hornsey) where his love of film and music finally fused.

As an assistant editor, under the intense mentorship of Piers Jessop, Kevin was drilled in the art of marrying images, with microscopic precision, to music – still a key aspect of his work.

This intense apprenticeship was rewarded with an enviable workload from all UK TV networks culminating in the mega 10 part ITV series ‘Free to Choose’ with Nobel Memorial Prize winner Milton Friedman who, after viewing edited sequences with Kevin, frequently arrived with his wife, Rose, to watch Kevin’s band play in Soho.

Inevitably, a frenetic career as one of London’s top editors followed. Movies including ‘Good to Go’, ‘Almonds & Raisins’ (during which there were endless midnight calls from Orson Welles!), TV features ‘Roots, Rock, Reggae’ and series ‘Your Life in Their Hands’ and music videos, led to a sleep deprived existence and extensive global travel.

Troubled by the Russian invasion of Afghanistan Kevin changed track and co-directed the Emmy nominated ‘When Night Comes to Khandahar.’ While filming he was captured by a Mujahideen group and interrogated. He escaped by motorcycle and but was pursued by Russian troops for 3 days. Kevin finally crossed the border into Pakistan with all rolls of film intact. He was the first director to film using a night sight.

More music videos followed – Musical Youth, Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, New Order, Echo & the Bunnymen, Depeche Mode etc. Eventually, Chris Blackwell asked him to direct Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare’s ‘Make ’em Move,’ featuring a young Neneh Cherry. Instantly notorious, banned by the UK and US networks it drew Kevin to the attention of the Advertising Industry.

Running his own company producing and directing high profile films for the Financial Times, Reuters, Taylor-Wimpey, Expo, BA (Concorde) segued into a long and highly successful career as a commercials director shaping much of Kevin’s creative output for the next 35 years. He has been awarded various accolades: D&ADs, an Emmy nomination, P&G worldwide Gold Award Chicago. He has directed hundreds of commercials for most major advertising agencies throughout the world. And he still directs top band videos for the music industry and documentaries for major broadcasters

He now divides his time between homes in London and the South of France.


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