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Marketing automation partnership with Mautic Inc.

Marketing automation is a must have nowadays. However having the tool without integration and professional support is a waste. So Brandfinity is delighted to inform you about partnership with Mautic Inc. And the fact that we are here to help, integrate and support you. As we became the first Mautic marketing automation agency in Switzerland.

Our Partnership includes formal certification program and demonstrates Brandfinity’s commitment to modernising and advancing the marketing industry. Therefore Brandfinity can professionally integrate marketing automation solution according to your business needs. 

The First Certified partner of Mautic in Switzerland

The 5th of November, 2018,  Brandfinity announced a formal partnership agreement with Mautic Inc. So Brandfinity became the first marketing automation agency and Certified Partner of Mautic Inc in Switzerland. 

As a Certified Reseller of Mautic Cloud Solutions, Brandfinity joins a growing and respected list of global businesses. And therefore Brandfinity is helping to advance the industry beyond the decades-old legacy solutions. 

What is Mautic marketing automation from Brandfinity?

As an official Mautic partner and reseller, Brandfinity will integrate Mautic solution for you. But the first, of corse, will make a presentation and let you to test the demo.  Secondly, they will  help you to define the logic of automation and create the funnels. Thirdly, will adapt it to your current softwares and needs.  After, we will connect your CRM and automate all email processes you need. As a result of automation process, you will be able to see and track campaigns, see the statistic and staff performance. And much more. Visit our marketing automation page

Brandfinity about partnership with Mautic

Of the new partnership, Brandfinity co-founder, Evgeniya Zhilchenko, said, “We are happy to bring  this great solution to the market and implement it for our current clients and of corse to the new ones. Actually,  We see there is a big need on the market. The Demand is growing. The companies started to face different issues as their needs and wishes are growing constantly. So we are happy to be here and support. Brandfinity can implement Mautic marketing automation in any industry and make the business life easier, clear from digital marketing point of view.”



About Brandfinity:

Brandfinity is a digital marketing agency in Switzerland that works with small and medium sized companies. Having very deep digital marketing experience (about 17 years) in different industries (like luxury, watches, airlines, education and others), Brandfinity decided to “open their doors” and support Swiss companies in their digital marketing transformation. With the change in consumer behaviours and expectations, digital marketing proficiency is paramount to the success of every company. As you know not every company can pay a lot of attention to digital marketing. It results in low or average performance and puts them under pressure from competition. Luckily, that is where Brandfinity comes in – we help our clients create exceptional digital customer journeys. Brandfinity will help understand the gaps a company has to fill and establish the right digital marketing strategy, tools and processes”.

About Mautic:

Mautic offers the world’s only open marketing cloud enabling users to integrate and personalize all their digital properties and channels into a seamless customer experience. Combining the industry’s most modern marketing automation platform with best-in-class training and support, Mautic empowers marketers to deliver higher performing campaigns and content, and achieve superior results.

If you have more questions, we will be happy to answer your questions, just contact us.


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